2nd test of the portable Equipment

We got a lot of snow in the past 24 hours. Oh yes, in this way, I love the winter time in Switzerland. But in the last years, the winter weather was misty and - you know - just bääääh.


Before I went to the qrl today, I did a second test of the portable Equipment. A complete uninstall/install and functional check.


Testing is a good thing, before your go on a DX Pedition. Above all, if it a holiday style activitie.

The idea is, that I can install and uninstall the equipment very quick during my holidays. To leave it outside on the veranda is not really a good idea. My experiences in the carribean remembered my, that the tropical climate combined with a salty air is not really a good environment for hamradio equipment. 

Then the temperature is also high during night and day. The 13cm PA will get really hot there.


If you are scuba diver, underwater photographer and hamradio operator like my, then you know that's always an adventure with the luggage and max wight. So I have not realy spare space for additional gadgets, repair kits or other stuff.


In this case, the test today was successfully. I figured out sseveral lack, where I have to investigate. One is the protection of the equipment from the environment. The other is the configuration on my Laptop.

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