8Q7AO , Maldive - Vilamendhoo 2021, South Ari Atoll

Exp. Jan 25th - Feb. 7th 2021

Beautiful Maldives (5733582125)

Please read first!

  • It's a holiday expedition
  • First priority has my YL, scuba diving and underwater photography
  • It will be a QO-100 ONLY activity. No other QRG or satellites are planned
  • Please d'ont contact me for skeds or special mode
  • There are many things that can go wrong up to the time my vacation starts... - and also during my activations in the tropical climat
  • And-I'm sorry to the CW community: My CW skills don't allow a quick pile-up qso

Pre-Expedition Status


Task Status
Flight, Transfer and Resort booking Done :-)
License Done :-)
Check latest Covid updates 24h hours before departure at Maldives Website Done :-)
LotW cert approvement Done :-)
PCR Test 76h before the flight Done!!! :-) We passed :-)
Prepare and testing Equipment Done :-)

QSL Info

LoTW, eQSL, Clublog

Paper via Buero:

via Büro (QSL Manager HB9WDF)


Paper QSL direct:
You have two choices:

  • Direct via Homecall please include $2 and envelope
  • Write me an eMail (hb9wdf (ät) amsat.org). I will sent you the QSL direct from the DARC QSL Print Service.

Feel free to support my expediton via Paypal.

News Blog

Please check here for the latest news about my expedition to the Maldives 

Thanks for Support

F6BGC - Noel

Thanks Noel for all the important advice to get the lincense in a very short time. And also for additional information for the travel.


Mausooma Hamid, Communication Auhority of the Maldives

Thank you Mrs Hamid Mausooma for advice that allowed me to get the license


8Q7RS, Mohamed, Maldives Amateur Radio Society

Thank you Mohamed for your local support. That was very important for me.


HB9RYZ, Wolfgang

Thank you for the whole QO-100 portable Equipment. (Detail Information) We had tested the Equipment at my home QTH @-2° C




QTH: Vilamendhoo Island, Maldive

Locator: MJ63LP

ITU: 41

CQ: 22

IOTA: AS-013

My first activation: Jan. 25th 2021

My last activation: Feb. 7th 2021

QSL: via bureau, LoTW, eQSL and Clublog